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   Covenient                                                            * Quarterly Service Plans                                     

                                                                                   * Bi-Monthly Service Plans                                                    

                  Service                                                        * Monthly Service Plans

                                                                                         * Weekly & Bi-weekly Service Plans

                               Plans                                                  * 2 Times a Year Service Plans

                                                                                            * One Time Service

                                            Availiable !!!

                                                                                                   M-F 4am-12 Midnight

                                                                                                   Saturdays 5am-12 Midnight

     Commercial Control

    We specialize in providing before or after hours pest control service for our commercial accounts,that way we are able to effectivley treat all areas in your business before or after you open.

         Residential Control

      Saftey is our #1 concern at Diamond

Pest Control, we use all safe green products, Our licensed service techs take the time to identify the pest,and treat the targeted area that is needed. A Inside and outside service is done on every vist at your home.

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